Wednesday, 10 July 2013

On this doctor's day......

Hi everyone,
every dog has his day...And so why not doctors?...And what better way to start a blog on doctor's day.(it took us a few more days to publish it)
I admit to being a little cynical about all the fuss (flowers,cake,cards) that our pharma collegues shower upon us on doctors day. but I was also in for a pleasant surprise.A booklet compiled of my patients'peceptions,written in their own hand,was handed over to likes to read nice things about oneself. but more importantly it felt good to have touched the lives of so many people.
today,doctors are put on the stand and crucified for deeds not done,accused of being money making machines,this was a good gesture.
Have we really reduced the art of medicine to lab tests and procedures? I often revel in my chosen speciality because it is a healthy mix of medicine,surgery and highly charged emotions( what do you expect with women...)
I am who I am because of you, my dear patients. some of you have shared your lives,joys and tears for over a decade now and I hope I have made the journey a tad easier.
so a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve and your faith and trust is the biggest encouragement of my career.
                                              .........dr.manisha risbud